BOOP brings people together to connect, create and communicate. It's an App that works in conjunction with an online platform for parents, educators and professionals. BOOP gives everyone the opportunity take on a pro-active and meaningful role.

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Mobile Development

Limejar Software is a software design company in Belfast. We employ agile design practices to develop bespoke Apps for our customers, including:

    • Education Apps
    • CRM
    • EPOS Point of Sale
    • Business Apps
    • Booking Apps
    • Games
    • Augmented Reality
    • Push Notifications
Apple iOS Development

We produce Apps with the latest Apple technologies, fully compliant with Apple design guidelines. Our design ethos is to create fast, efficient and easy to use software that fully meets the requirements of the customer, complying to all current security recommendations.

Android Development

We also support the latest Android devices. We can develop an App for both major mobile systems, meeting the requirements for your business.


Limejar Software can enable you to design and deploy bespoke software. We work with agile design methods to produce and en product that is fast, efficient and easy to use, meeting all the requirements of your business.

At Limejar we have comprehensive experience of the following technologies, among others:

  • Windows
  • Mobile
  • Linux
  • Embedded
  • Web
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Networking
  • PHP
  • C# .NET
  • C++
  • Java
  • Node.js

At Limejar we have over 15 years experience of developing commercial Windows software using Microsoft technologies. Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, .NET, WCF, ASP, C++, Access and many more.

Linux / Unix Development

We also support Linux software, server and database systems. GNU C++, Clang, X11, scripting languages, Apache, NGINX, PHP, MySql, PostgreSQL, Java, Node.js, PERL, Python.