BOOP is having huge impacts on the lives of those who are using the platform. Read some of the amazing feedback we have been receiving.

Oakwood Integrated Primary

“BOOP is a fabulous resource, which has dovetailed beautifully into our existing outstanding SEN procedures, helping us to continue to remove barriers to learning for children with special educational needs. Debbie understood the need for our children to be involved in setting their own targets, for the need to have a child friendly, interactive interface and for an app that was quick and easy to use for pupils, parents and staff.”

The Belfast Metropolitan College

"We support adult learners aged 16 – 60, and here, BOOP has been tailored to support more than 400 students with different needs and abilities. What stands out for us is the app’s ability to empower students with ownership of their learning journey in a way that has not previously been attainable. We are currently at the early stages of rollout, and the impact on teaching and learning has been immense; our plans are to make BOOP an integral part of the teaching toolkit here at the centre."

Autism Consultant NI

“The children and families I support love BOOP. For the children, it is really exciting as it gives them control in a very tailored way and I see them communicate much more than before. For parents, it offers a totally new way to communicate with their child. I am a real advocate. BOOP is unique, there is no one size fits all. It strengthens collaboration greatly between parents, schools, children, and other professionals, which has always been needed, and is even more crucial now as we work towards tackling the impact of the pandemic on children with SEND.”

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