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BOOP is a platform for everyone


BOOP is a whole school solution that meets the needs of every student. With an app for teachers and parents and a separate app for the students, BOOP provides many opportunities to engage both with the students and their parents.

Custom Reports

Post home to school reports and upadtes straight to the students individual timeline for families to see instantly. BOOP lets you create your own personalised reports to fill in daily. BOOP Reports can replace the traditional and time comsuming paper based home to school communication with a more forward thinking solution.
You can track the results of report over time, giving you valuable insights and helping you to quickly recognise patterns and trends.


Keep parents engaged and connected to your classroom. Using the parent app they can instantly see updates you post and view their childs reports. Post updates using and attach photos, videos, audio recordings and documents such as pdf and word. Parents can even create a home report so you can have a better insight into how things have been going before they arrive in school. So you can be better prepared.

Schedules and Routines

Quickly create engaging visual activity schedules for your whole class or for individual students, via your desktop or laptop. Schedule interactive learning activities and view progrees in real time. Anything you add or update will instantly appear on their device so you can add things, remotely, when ever suits.

Visual stories and resources for SEN

Helping to create an inclusive learning environment teachers can create unlimited custom-made Social Stories and visual resources to support your students throughout the day. Better still, you can link these resources to the students schedule so they appear at the exact time they need it!
Choose from our library of over 20,000 symbols or simply upload your own images. BOOP lets you create, personalise and even share your learning resources.

Learning resources

Lots of students love the opportunity to use technology to complete work rather than traditional pencil and paper!
With BOOP you can create you own library of educational quizes and activities and pop them into their schedule to complete either in school or even as homework!

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